How Spirituality Differs From Religion

Do you believe that there is something more powerful then you are? Do you think miracles are real? When you pray, are you knowing that your prayers will be answered? Spirituality is more then just asking for favors from a higher power. But it’s a great way to begin your journey to becoming more spiritual.

Religion is an organized belief system that can be of old ideas and handed down, as well as new thoughts about spirituality. Many people are fulfilled spiritually when attending church as this practice involves like-minded people believing in the same higher power. To congregate with others for prayer, sermons and song makes us feel like a part of a group who have similar beliefs.

Spirituality is not the same as religion. Spirituality is not necessarily organized and doesn’t always have a leader, such as you would find in a church. Depending on the name of your god, or higher power, doesn’t really matter in an unorganized practice. In spiritual circles Christians and Buddhists alike can worship side by side in harmony, appreciating each others differences as opposed to criticizing the lack of believing the same things. Some of us have a book, such as a bible to guide us on our journey. While others recollect stories told by their ancestors to learn what is expected of them on a morally.

Spiritual paths may be guided, such as religion offers, or may be more self taught. Though we live in a world that is accustomed to arguing about what is `right,’ much of the differences comes from using a different vocabulary. I may use the term God, while someone else may use Higher Power or Buddha. While some of us pray and listen to what God has to tell us, others may meditate and listen to what their Source, angels or guides may want them to know. The person seeking and learning without the guidance of a church is not concerned about buildings, memberships and tithing. They commonly build an altar they have created with the things they believe in and it is never a focal point on display for others.

Regardless of the words used, spirituality has been given credit for miracles, angels, and eternal life to name a few. Spiritual populations are not commonly at war. They live a peaceful sort of life and accept others beliefs. They seem to function with a more open mind then those who follow particular religions. Meditation guides them to their `source’ and no conversation regarding beliefs seems to be `out of bounds.’

With spirituality there are no boundaries which cannot be explored. Guidance from their `source,’ as opposed to rules from a book, gives the seeker their moral compass. When spiritually bound people are united, you never hear anyone ask what church they attend. They are on a journey, not so different then the organized religions are, they just have a different path to get there.

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